Data Proctection Consultancy

CoolTalent is Belgium’s leading Data Protection Consultancy partner with unrivalled consultancy offerings and fully qualified in GDPR.

When you trust CoolTalent with your cyber security needs, your organisation is in safe hands.

Our service protects your business mis complaince on EU GDPR compliancy.

Meet regulatory obligations by protecting your organisation’s PII

The data protection landscape in Europe is being overhauled with the introduction of the EU GDPR, which will be enforced from 25 May 2018. Organisations will need to review and update their operational, administrative and technical measures in order to adequately prepare for the Regulation.

During the two-year transition period, the requirements of the National Data Protection Acts will remain valid.

We can help your organisation achieve its privacy goals and compliance obligations against this complex and evolving regulatory backdrop.

Not only legal expertise, but technical and cyber security support

Data protection is no longer the domain of legal experts alone.

Although the necessary legal and regulatory knowledge is a crucial ingredient to ensure compliance, adequate data protection measures extend to the technical controls that organisations must apply to avoid data breaches.

The current acts require organisations to apply the appropriate technical and organisational security to protect personal data from loss or damage. The GDPR also introduces significant technical and operational requirements that must be implemented to achieve full compliance.

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