Twenty-first centuries is all about transforming towards a digitization that can result tremendous impact on the way IT organization perform and the way service are delivered to business user. Keeping an eye on this paradigm organizations are focusing on cloud to avail the benefit from scalability, effectiveness, cost-efficiencies that cloud computing facilitate.
Leveraging Security not only transforms the operational efficiency but can potentially improve entire business model by offering following benefits.
CoolTalent is Belgium’s leading cyber security services partner with unrivalled solutions offerings and fully qualified in Check Point, Cisco, Blue Coat, Symantec, Exinda and Juniper solutions. When you trust CoolTalent with your cyber security needs, your organisation is in safe hands.

Our solution protects your business from cyber security threats.

As a leading cyber security services partner to corporate, enterprise, SMB and government customers across Belgium, CoolTalent can provide your business with a customised and quality security services solution to ensure your business is protected:

    • Secure End-To-End InfrastructureCoolTalent can secure your servers, storage, desktops, notebooks and mobile devices with industry-leading hardware, software and cloud solutions.CoolTalent has the tools and the experience needed to ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is secure at all times.
    • Secure Cloud – Using our CoolTalent Cloud® portfolio, CoolTalent can provide proven and secure cloud-based IT solutions in a public cloud, a private cloud, a hybrid cloud or even CoolTalent ’s own cloud.
    • Secure NetworksCoolTalent can help your business secure its entire network at the LAN or WAN level.CoolTalent is certified and skilled in all major networking technologies and our design and technical team can help you build, manage and maintain a secure network for your business.
    • Data Loss PreventionCoolTalent deploy proven data loss prevention solutions to ensure that confidential business data is protected at all times. Even well-intentioned business staff can inadvertently try to share sensitive and confidential data.CoolTalent helps protect your businesses assets.
    • Penetration Testing – At CoolTalent , we are always vigilant when it comes to IT security. We employ the service of ethical hackers to try to break into our security solutions to allow us to proactively address any deficiencies that may exist. We are constantly testing and optimising our own solutions.
    • Managed Security ServicesCoolTalent can offer award-winning, proactive and resilient CoolTalent Guardian® managed security solutions to protect your business from cyber intruders, viruses, phishing, hackers and denial-of-service attacks. CoolTalent can address all of your businesses cyber security concerns.
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)CoolTalent has been providing SIEM services for over ten years to its customers. Being responsive to cyber security threats is essential, and CoolTalent ’s SIEM services ensure that your business can be proactive in dealing with security related issues.
    • Compliance Checking and PCI compliancyCoolTalent helps your business ensure that it is fully compliant with legislative and regulative cyber security requirements. We partner closely with legal and cyber insurance partners to ensure that your business can derive the maximum value from cyber security insurance and that the appropriate breach management plans exist.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring – Our dedicated team of engineers and specialists monitor the IT security landscape 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
    Our customers uptime is CoolTalent ’s uptime, so we offer rapid, reliable and proactive cyber security threat mitigation – whenever its needed.